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Types of Silver at True Nature Gems

What is the difference between Solid Sterling silver, Sterling 925 Overlay, Silver Plated and Tibetan silver?


a. Solid Sterling - is 92.5% silver, and 7.5% copper, this is fixed by law to be called "Sterling Silver". Sterling silver can tarnish if left in the open or having long term contact with the skin and can be polished to a shine with a silver cleaning cloth and to brilliance with silver dip (by Goddards). Please check the gemstones in your jewellery are not porous before using this cleaning method.  Enquire if not sure. The cost of Sterling silver has increased dramatically over the last ten years, leading to a greater popularity of other metals which give more choice and variation of design.

b. 925 Sterling Silver Overlay or Overlaid - is a layer of 25% solid sterling silver, overlaid onto another metal. Overlay hold it's brilliance and will last many years. It can also be polished with a silver cleaning cloth and brought up to a brilliant shine with silver dip (although please ask for advice when cleaning gemstone silver jewellery with silver dip as porous stones can be damaged by this cleaner). The overlay jewellery at True Nature Gems often has a rhodium finish for extra protection and brilliance.

c. Silver Plated - is made by electroplating fine silver on a base metal alloy, usually of nickel silver, Britannia metal, brass or copper.

 d. Tibetan Silver - has the look of antique silver and can be polished to  provide elaborate highlights on complex castings. It often contains copper, tin, nickel and pure silver. Much Tibetan silver has a base of iron. Tibetan silver is a very versatile silver, lending itself to a remarkable variety of designs without the high price of sterling silver.

Note: If the metals of your jewellery are not named, please ask for more details. Un-named silver items on this site are usually quality silver plated or in the case of antique-look silver pendants, Tibetan silver. Snake chains: To preserve their sheen and lustre, take special care of silver-plated snake chains and store them in a sealed container when not in use. Avoid wearing in shower or overnight or leaving in damp areas. All above types of silver respond well to cleaning with a silver cloth.


If you have an allergy to nickel, we can make up your jewellery to contain non-allergy or nickel free metal. Silver plated hooks can be replaced with sterling non-sterling silver earrings or necklaces sometimes with Sterling silver fasteners if this metal suit you best. This may cost slightly more but not always. Please ask when ordering or if you are concerned about allergies.

Healing Properties of Silver

In traditional folklore, silver is worn for protection and to enhance the psychic abilities. It is believed to enhance the functioning of the endrocrine system. For example, helping with thyroid problems and diabetes as well as healing headaches and nausea. Silver acts as a conductor between gemstones and the body. It is associated with the moon and lunar goddesses and is worn to attract love and romance. As an alternative to Gold which has often become associated with wealth and materialism, silver is the choice of those who are more connected to their spirituality and intuitive side.


'Brass' is currently popular for vintage look jewellery, which is often named as either brass or antique gold effect. Items described as brass or antique look gold are usually nickel free alloy. Some items may contain nickel, so please ask if you need to be completely sure. All items are lead-free. Many items have a coated iron base.


Copper jewellery is beautiful and possessed of many powerful healing benefits.

Copper has actually been used for medical purposes for thousands of years, and is still found useful medicinally today, both internally and externally. It can be used to treat wounds, skin diseases, and other internal diseases as well as improving blood circulation, increasing energy and assisting the body in detoxifying. Copper is a mineral that assists in improving mental agility.

Wearing copper is said to release joint stiffness and arthritis by opening the flow of blocked energy or chi. In this way, Copper is a powerful ally for the body’s natural healing process.

Metaphysically, Copper is known to stimulate the flow of energy (Chi) and to enhance psychic abilities. It is traditionally associated with the planet Venus, the signs Taurus and Libra and the goddesses, Aphrodite, Ishtar and Astarte. Copper is worn to attract love, money and healing and to strengthen family bonds.

Copper is also believed to be an energy conductor which can move energy, amplify thoughts, and assist with channelling and communicating with higher dimensional beings like spirit guides and angels.  It will help you keep the healing pathways open.  

Many copper items have a special coating to prevent discolouration. This will produce a smooth feeling to the touch.


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